Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions between you, the person making the booking and referred in these terms and conditions as ‘the Guest’ and the ‘Proprietors’ MT and PB Weiner of Ballaminers House and cottages.

Bookings shall be made by telephone on +44 (0) 7710 557114 or +44 (0) 7973 555111 or email: enquiries@ballaminershouse.co.uk or via approved third parties such as Owners Direct and Airbnb.

A deposit must be paid by the Guest, namely £250 for the house and £150 for either cottage. Bookings are only confirmed when the deposit has been paid and the Guest has received a booking confirmation by e-mail. The payment of the deposit by the Guest is treated as the Guest’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.

To secure a booking 30% should be transferred to the Proprietors bank account or if the guest uses an approved third party agent such as Owners Direct and Airbnb they should follow their payment instructions.  The balance and the security deposit must be paid on or before 6 weeks prior to the guests’ arrival.

The payment of the price of the booking must be made, at least six weeks before the Guest’s stay commences.

The Proprietors are not able to accept bookings from any person under the age of 21. The number of people in the party who will be occupying the property must be specified by the Guest, when making the booking.

The house sleeps a maximum of eight people and both cottages have a maximum occupancy of four.

The Guest must specify the number of dogs that the Guest will bring the property, and also the breed of the dogs. A maximum of three dogs in the house, and two in either cottage, are permitted. Dogs are accepted only on condition that the dogs remain in the kitchen, the breakfast room, and the garden of the property during the stay. Young puppies are not accepted. Dogs must be kept under control at all times during the stay. The guest is responsible for clearing up their dog’s faeces daily during the Guest’s stay. If there are dog faeces in the garden, after the guest vacates the property, the Proprietors reserve the right to make an additional charge for removing the faeces, and this charge will be deducted from the security deposit.

The Proprietors’ insurance company requires that all windows are locked, when the property is vacated. The doors must be locked at night. When the property is vacated, on departure, the Guest must lock the property, and return the door key to the key safe. In the case of the house, the front
door keys must be left on the hook in the kitchen of the house.
If the Guest vacates the property, before the end date of the agreed period for the stay, the Guest must inform the Proprietors, beforehand.

The Proprietors will arrange a thorough clean of the property between each changeover. The Guest acknowledges, however, that due to the age of the properties, it is impossible for the Proprietors to ensure that all cobwebs and that every speck of dust have been removed.

The Guest agrees to allow the Proprietors’ gardener to carry out his usual gardening tasks.

The Guest accepts that caution must be taken, when on the slate areas in the garden, after rain or other wet weather.

At the property, the reception for mobile telephones, broadband and Wi-Fi signals is poor. The Proprietors cannot guarantee the availability of, or quality of, the reception of such services.

Guests are liable for loss and damage caused to the property inside and outside, including garden furniture, and for the soiling of soft furnishings during the Guest’s stay. The Proprietors will apply the deposit held to defray such expenses, but the Guest will be responsible for the total cost of losses or damage, even if the amount exceeds the amount of the deposit held.

Guests must inform the Proprietors immediately of any breakages, damage or the failure of white goods to work properly.

Guests may arrive at the property, on the start date of their stay, from 4 pm.

On the morning of departure, Guests are required to vacate the property by 10 am. If the property is not vacated by this time a late departure charge of £50 may be deducted from the deposit.

The Guest must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition, at the end of the stay. All waste, bottles, and recycling items (the nearest recycling point is Tesco in Wadebridge) must be removed, correctly bagged and placed in the bins, bags and boxes provided at the bottom of the drive. Should the property not be left in a clean and tidy condition, the Proprietors reserve the right to make an extra cleaning charge, which will be deducted from the deposit.